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Maulud Jan. 2015












JAN, 2015/1436


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Thanks and praise be to Allah, the Almighty, and the most Powerful, who made abundant blessings for his chosen people, poured on them the brightest light, and made special gift to them. He also selected them among his people to be companions, pious and followers of the path of light, the way of the pious and faithful. It is He who guided us and kept us away from doubt and disbelieve.


Peace and blessings of Allah be upon the seal of the prophets and messengers, the guide of the faithful, who was sent by Allah as mercy to the universe, and saviour of his followers and those who are led by his guidance.  May the blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon his family and all companions, and those who followed them and followed after them to the Day of Judgment.


Also may Allah’s blessings be upon the seal of the saints and guide of the pious, our spiritual leader and guide Abul-Abbas Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani (RA), and blessing of Allah be upon my spiritual guide, the reformer of the time, the bearer of the flag of the bountiful grace, the great saint, the spiritual guide of all disciples, and the promoter of the beginners of the spiritual journey Al Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass, and upon all his caliphs and disciples wherever they are and however they are found.


Afterwards, I would like to seize this exceptionally precious time, because it comes only once in a year as we are here today and now, to register my warm welcome for your arrival to this place which is ever ready to receive and embrace you as brothers among brothers. From bottom of my heart, I wish to express my happiness for this great occasion which brought together our brothers today in this highly respected place, and this great Zawiyya, the Zawiyya of our leader and guide Al-Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (RA)


Distinguished brothers of Allah, you are here today, after crossing many hurdles and challenges, especially security problems, which must have placed obstacles on your way to this town in general and in particular to this Zawiyya for you to participate and meet your brothers to attend this great occasion, for the celebration of the birth of the Prophet, Maulud-Al-NABAWI (SAW).  You may be fully aware that the Prophet (SAW) is reported to have said:  Whoever followed a path searching for knowledge, Allah will made his way easy to paradise”.


In the light of the above prophetic tradition and close observation there is no doubt that we have followed the right way searching for more religious knowledge.  Consequently Allah Almighty has made it easy for us to paradise.  We thank Allah for His bounties.  I do not have anything better to say to the efforts and sacrifices you made to arrive this great Zawiyyah to participate together with your brothers, except to say, may Allah reward you abundantly.  I have no doubt that what you have done is a clear indication of your love and respect for the Sheikh – Sheikh Abulfathi, and his family. You have remained persistently on your promise and respect to all who are in one way of the other associated with this Zawiyyah.



Distinguished guests, I strongly believe that Tijjaniyya Sufi Order is founded on a very strong evidence derived from the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet, and this has been, in many occasions, explained to us, especially by our spiritual guide, the Sheikh – Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (RA); in many of his writings and speeches, in his public lectures at local, national and international levels, has shown that Tijjaniyya is well protected and supported by the Quran and the Sunnah. We have also read a number of books on this subject and about the understanding, respect and biography of its leaders and Sheikh of the Tariqa.



 Since the teaching and values Tariqa are very much clear and documented, there is no reason for anybody to play with the Tariqa, and Fayda Ibrahimiyya, which provide Shelter and shade under which we have been surviving and living to this day.  This is because of the unrelenting efforts of the founders and leader of the Tariqa.  But, with sadness, I observed that some followers of the Tariqa today, are less committed and sluggish towards the teachings of the Tariqa.  You hardly see it in their actions and deeds especially between the various Zawiyyas in many places.  The carefree attitude mostly comes from young people who are initiated (into the Tariqa) but lack the basic knowledge of both Sufism and fiqh.  It is important to note that knowledge of Arabic Language, Islamic history and hadith are also very essential that one cannot ignore.  If our youths have made themselves equipped with this knowledge, there will be no negligence with respect to the teaching of Sufism and especially the precepts of Tariqa Tijjaniyya.  However doe to ignorance of the teachings of the Tariqa they claim to understand the technical meaning of Sufism, which in reality they misunderstand and misrepresent.  False claim will not make an imagination a reality, and a mirage will never be real water.




Distinguished gathering, guests of the Prophet (SAW), permit me to elaborate further and be frank on what is currently happening among Muslim and followers of Tijjaniyya.  Some claim to be followers of Tijjaniyya, but reliable information reaching us reveals that this is never the right way for Muslims, and they are of different beliefs.  Some claimed to be followers of Tijjaniyya, but inspite of the fact that the teaching of Tariqa are clearly based on the Quran and sunnah, this group of people made legal what Allah (SWT) has forbidden as great sin, like fornication and consumption of alcohol, and  hardly perform the five daily prayers.  They commit these on the wrong assumption and belief on the teachings of the devil and selfishness.  Permit me to be bold and loud to tell this people that Tariqa Tijjaniyya is free and never part of this baseless claim.  The Tijjaniyya is as free as the wolf was from the blood of the son of Yaqub (AS).  Islam as a whole is very free from all these wrong claims, and I call upon these people to return to Islam and repent from what they had committee with the good intention that they will never do it again; a word is enough for the wise.


A group of these bad people in Tijjaniyya also believe that Sheikh Tijjani (RA) had guaranteed them of all sins and wrong doings they are committing and that they will not be punished in the hereafter because they are followers of Tijjaniyya.  I will swiftly say to them that, these are unfounded and baseless claims, and as we know, no burdened person (with sin) shall bear the burden (sin) of another, it is well known fact that every person is accountable of his deeds good or bad.  Even if there are elements of this in some books of Tijjaniyya, the position is very clear and never changes because Sheikh Tijjani (RA) has said, “if you heard from me anything compare it with the measures of Islamic Precepts, what is right and in conformity with them take it and leave what is not”.


On this basis, distinguished brothers, I said that, the claims and assumptions of these people are very much opposed and contrary to the teachings of Islam, Sheikh Tijjani (R.A) as I said is free and at distance from all these claims and presumptions.


I wish to give a piece of advice to all brothers in Tijjaniyya to distance themselves from these baseless claims and hired groups who have no purpose but to dent the image of Tijjaniyya and its good name, May Allah protect us from these evils by the grace of the prophet Muhammad (SAW)



On the basis of available evidence we strongly believe in the possibility of seeing the prophet in both conditions of being asleep and awake.  There is no room for any doubt on this because the prophet is reported to have said: Whoever saw me asleep he will see me awake because devil will never resemble me.  (Reported by al-Bukhari)


On the light of the evidence stated above we believed that the sighting of the prophet is very possible but for those who are rightly guide pious and pure from all spiritual diseases and for those who Allah has chosen and given the light and are free from any doubt.  These are the people counted among the saints of Allah, and for these there shall be no fear nor will they grieve.


May Allah (SWT) place us amongst them by the grace of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Lovers  of the Prophet (SAW) in this great occasion, let me bring to your notice that some of our youths have formed the habit of making false claim that they saw the Prophet and he told them this and that, or directed them to do this or that, while in reality their claims were baseless. And the most surprising is the fact that, the common character of these youths is the neglect of prayers, being in misconduct and unmindful of their obligation towards Allah (SWT). They are more interested in the forbidden things and misdeeds. It is very unreasonable to believe that such people can see the Prophet (SAW) after they have disregarded the teachings of Shariah and the virtue of Tariqa. It is unfortunate that this people claimed to be followers of Tariqa Tijjaniyya or Sufism.


 I loudly call on all our brothers in the Tariqa to distance themselves from these claims mainly intended to give the Tariqa and its leaders (RA) bad image. It is necessary for all of us to put all efforts to bring an end to this false claims which are increasingly rising among our brothers in Tijjaniyya, in order to protect the tenets of this Tariqa and its virtues so as to find solutions against all these (ills).  Among the best solution are:

1.   Search for Knowledge

It is possible to bring back the people making such false claims and redirect their attention and efforts to search for knowledge, if we follow the sources of this religion, Allah Almighty, requested his messenger to learn by practice and reading (study) as it is clear in the first five verses of the chapter Al-Alaq ch: 96.verses 1-5

Our spiritual leaders also directed us to put more effort and concentrate on search for knowledge before anything else. The search for knowledge is the first and foremost before practice of other aspects of religion, worship and litanies awards. Without knowledge one cannot defend the Tariqa using its sources.  As we know, the Tariqa is based on the evidence from the Quran and Sunnah.  And whatever we do as award litanies are based on the evidence from Quran and Sunnah.  But can we defend the Tariqa without knowledge? Is it possible to convince people who reject Tariqa without evidence from the Quran and Sunnah? The answer is Negative No!

Therefore, distinguished brothers in Allah, Searching for Knowledge has become necessary for us otherwise we will remain in spite of our large numbers, like particles in the wave of ocean which cannot resist the water current and it has become useless despite its large amount.

2.   Current Social Conditions

Distinguished brothers in Islam, guests of the Prophet, considering the current social conditions at the local, national and international levels, we can see that the causes of death are much easier than the reason for survival.  Tears are coming out in sympathy to the dead ones, wounded and refugees who are forced to migrate and leave their places for fear of death. There is hardly any day or two without bomb blast in the most populated area of our cities and towns.  Schools, markets and public gatherings are targeted by these suicide bombers.  We are from Allah and to Him shall we return.  In this town (Maiduguri, Nigeria) especially in the North wherever you go you will see destruction and killing of innocent people.

We have no any other means to face this complicated crisis except prayers to Allah Almighty to return permanent peace in the North and do this country.

3.   Atrocities are Un-Islamic (Need for Prayers)

It is very sad to observe that the atrocities, killings, destruction and bombings are all carried out in the name of Islam and Jihad.  The current situation of killing in the States of Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa, for a period of about five years, claimed to be Islamic and in reality is un-Islamic and far from Islam.  The spread of this crisis is only in the Islamic World and where Muslims are the Majority, and there is hardly any Islamic country that is free from this kind of crisis. As an example Iraq, Yeman, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been suffering from this crisis.  Innocent people have been killed and are being killed.  In these countries public preaching and calling for prayers are now replaced with the sound of guns and bomb blasts under the name of Islam or Jihad.  What kind of Jihad is this? This so-called religious crisis must not have emerged out of nothing?

I believe this crisis has its creator and sustainer.  The Wahabis may not be exonerated from this crisis, which consequences are very high and enormous destruction.  They should realize, before it is too late, that this is not in the interest of anybody except the enemies of Islam who have always been fighting the religion of Islam by all means available to them.  Muslim communities are duty bound to unite and co-operate in order to respond effectively to all forces working against Islam and dividing the Muslim Ummah. Particularly, members of Tariqa Tijjaniyya must unite as brothers as the Tariqa demands of them; we must pray to Allah (SWT) to bring an end to these atrocities and killing of innocent people.

I pray Almighty Allah to protect Islamic Ummah and put an end to this crisis in all Islamic countries by your Mercy and He is the most Merciful, Allah the creator of the universe.


Brothers in Islam, let me pause for a moment here to register my heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims of Kano attack on Muslims performing Friday prayers in the Mosque of his eminent, the Empire of Kano Muhammad Sunusi II. We regard the followers of Tijjaniyya and Fayda Ibrahimiyya in Kano as the Symbol of brotherhood and unity representing the real Islamic brotherhood, and we are part and parcel of them.  I extend these condolences from my humble self and on behalf of all members of the family of Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi, and his disciples, I would like to express our unflinching support and co-operation with the people and government of Kano state.  I pray Allah to have Mercy and forgiveness on the Al-Shuhada (Martyrs), May their souls rest in perfect peace, paradise, together with those whose Allah’s bounties are granted to them, the messengers, Martyrs and the pious, their good companions.  Also I pray Allah at the same time to grant the families of the victims, those that are directly and indirectly affected, the fortitude to bear the irreparable lost, and May Allah uncovered those involved in these inhuman un-Islamic acts, directly or indirectly, as well as other similar attacks in Nigeria.  


Distinguished guests, brothers in Islam, I have observed with deep concern about the poor response of the rich for the support of victims of bomb blasts, especially in Northern Nigeria. Many rich people refused to support the victims, while those that responded offered assistance that was negligible. I wish to ask, with surprise, why this indifference?  Are they not our Muslims brothers? Is it not Islam that directed us to extend assistance to the needy and victims?

It is well that the Prophet has also directed us to assist and support our brothers.  The Prophet (SAW) in a hadith is reported to have said, whoever supports his brother in need, Allah (SWT) will support him in his period of need.  Do we observe these teachings of the prophet in our daily activities towards our brothers, those displaced from their homes and have been refugees as a result of this crisis? What have you done? This will not do anybody any good. Brothers we need to move and quickly too to assist our brothers, the victims of this crisis to relieve their hardship so that we will be rewarded by Allah, and we will be among those Allah described in the Holy Quran as.

And they give food, in spite of their love for it (or for the love of Him) to the Miskin (the poor), the orphan, and the captive (saying) we feed you seeking Allah’s countenance only, we wish for no reward, nor thanks from you”. ch 76 vers8-9

I pray Allah (SWT) to reward all those who support the victims and pray Allah to return peace to our country, and may Allah help Islam against the enemies of Muslims and defeat unbelievers by the grace of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.



Brothers in Islam, guest of the prophet in this great occasion today, both electronic and print media have informed us that days of the general elections are counted according to official pronouncements.  Therefore we are about to witness yet another election and campaign and public lecturers casting our votes for the 5th times since the emergence of the Third Republic.

In order not be taken unawares this time, I think there is need for me to draw your attention, in my capacity as guide and leader of this Zawiyya, on the importance of elections and voting for the right person to the right position.  It is our duty to choose and elect people of integrity, honesty politically honesty, politically capable and have the experience to depend the nation’s economic, social, religious and political integrity.

However, we should be warned not to accept or believe in false promises that have no element of truth or reality in them.  We have to vote for the right people who have the interest of their people at heart and to be with them at all times, support them in time of difficulties so that we may not regret our actions.

I pray Allah to guide our political leaders to the right way and to the best, and return peace and prosperity to our country, and Allah has the powers and very much capable to answer our prayers.



Once again, I will like to thank you and express my appreciations for your support and physical presence in this place for this great occasion.   This is clear evidence of your love to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and your love to the seal of the saints Sheikh Ahmad Al-Tijjani and also to my spiritual guides Al-Gausu Al-Akbar Al-Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass and Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (RA)


Distinguished brothers in Allah, permit me to express my sincere appreciations and thanks to all who have participated and extended moral and materials support in order to make this occasion a reality.

On top of these is His Excellency the Governor of Borno State, Alh. Kashim Shettima and His Excellence the Governor of Gombe State, Alh. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo. I cannot, at any time, forget their good efforts and contributions toward the success of this occasion.  They really remained with us and supported us as dear brothers in Islam. May Allah reward them very abundantly, Ameen.

Also I will like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the members of various humanitarian organizations such as First Aid Groups and Security Agents Operatives who made a lot of scarifies for maintaining peace and security day and night for several days.  May Allah reward you the best of rewards.

Again, this occasion may not have had this huge success without the cooperation and support of media houses and staff who gave live coverage of the event for millions of people to listen and watch on their television sets at home.  I pray Allah for them and their leaders all the best in their endeavours in this world and the hereafter.

Finally, I cannot conclude this address without extending my thanks and appreciations to our brothers coming from far and near particularly those coming from the Republics of Chad, Niger, and Cameroon and from many other Countries.  May Allah reward them the best reward.  You live and remain over and above what both of us hope and wish for ourselves.

Thank you very much, Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatu Allahi Wabarkatuhu.

Your Brother in Allah,


Khalifa Aliyu Ahmed Abulfathi

12/03/1436 AH

02/01/2015 AD

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