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Trips of Preaching & Guidance

Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi made several travels to different communities, villages, states and countries to guide the Muslim Ummah. In his early thirties the trips he made were mainly for spreading Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyyah or the Faydha in Sokoto, some part of Niger Republic, Chad and the Republic of Cameroon. At the last phase of his life, the Sheikh (RTA) also made many trips but this time in company of his sons and followers, implicitly guiding them on preaching and Islamic counselling.
The Sheikh commenced the latter trips after he performed laser hajj (Umrah) and visited the mausoleum of Holy Prophet (SAW) twice. In first time, he was accompanied by 55 (adadul Mujib) followers and by 66 (adadul Lafz-ul-Jalalatu) followers in the second one. Maulana held preaching sessions at Madinatul Munauwarah, Mecca and Jeddah in both trips; he lectured devotees on etiquettes of Prophet’s mausoleum visit at the Abu Khalid Hotels in Madinah Munauwarah. In Mecca he delivered lectures in the house of the custodian of religious science in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Muhammad bin Al-Alawi Almaliki Alhassani (RTA), in the house of Sharif Hilal Hadramy, in Al-Ansar Hotel and in Jeddah he delivered at the house of Sayyed Habib Badali.
Among the countries he visited on his guidance journey are republic of Chad, Cameroon and Sudan, he also visited a number of cities and villages in Nigeria. In Chad the Sheikh (RTA) had preached in Ndjamena, Ammat-Timan, Abashah, Bull and Bongura among others. The Sheikh passed through Cameroon on his way to Chad Republic, preached in villages of Banki, Dibili, Kusri, Gilfe and cities of Marwa and Garwa. He visited Sudan in 1432 AH as both murshid to the love one’s and guest to Islamic nation in general.
The Nigerian towns and villages that the Sheikh (RTA) visited to spread Islamic virtues and Tariqa are as follows:

  • In 1419 AH with delegation he visited Gwandu, Jega, Gusau and Azare.
  • In 1419 AH also with his delegation he visited Njawoy,Mayo ndaga,Gembu, Ngoroje,Mai Samari,Ganye,Yola and Gudummiya.
  • In Safar 1421 AH he visited with his entourage the cities of Zaria, Jos and Bauchi
  • In Sha’abban 1421 AH he visited Gombe, Akko, Bajoga, Biriyel and Tom also with his entourage.
  • In 1422 AH he was received at Bidda by Emir Umar Sanda Ndiyako at outskirt of the Bidda city. He also visited Agaye, Suleja and Abuja.

These trips were all recorded in poetry and prose.

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