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Maulud Dec. 2016
















12-03-1438 AH, 12-12-2016 AD


In the name of Allah the Beneficial the merciful, Thanks be to Allah who created His servants and selected among them guides and the guided, and He raised amongst them His beloved and trusted messenger as mercy to all creations, and placed him as an illumination for the pious. And He made the celebration of the Prophet’s (S.A.W) maulud among the good deeds of great measure. I praise and thank Him and seek the invocation of complete blessings and peace on the best of His creations, the harbour of his secrets and the granter of subtle blessings on His chosen friends (awliyah) and mystics (asfiyah), our leader Muhammad (S.A.W) – the best of His creations and to his entire family, companions, wives and followers, as well as those who followed them in good deeds until the day of judgment.


May the pleasure of Allah be upon the epitome of Allah’s friends (awliyah) and guide to mystics, Abil Abbas, my leader and guide and the seal of sainthood: al-Tijjani.  And also upon his (Sheikh Tijjani’s) great vicegerent, the possessor of the bountiful grace, the harbinger of miracles, the veracious Sheikh  and  the  pole  of  gnostics,  master  and  spiritual  Abi-Ishaq  Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass Al-Kaulakhi, and upon all his vicegerents wherever they may be and wherever they may be found from point to point in this Universe.


Salatil fatihi… Afterwards:


I wish to seize this opportunity, in this great moment to express, from the bottom  of  my  heart,  the  joy  happiness  and  also  express  kind  words  of gratitude to brothers and sisters. Also to express many thanks and gratitude for what I am witnessing today in this happy moment of the year in our dear State in general and in particular in Maiduguri and specifically in this blessed and great  Zawiyyah  of  our  spiritual  leader  and  mentor  to  spiritual  discipline Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi – May Allah be pleased with him (R.A).


It is quite difficult for my tongue to express the magnitude of what I feel to such an extent that I lack appropriate words to begin with in showing you how extremely happy I am on your gracing this this occasion Oh brothers in Allah in this pure abode and this Zawiyah that you have never turned your hearts away from since the day you knew of it to this day. I am a witness and Allah is a greater witness with regards to your vigour and your passion by your presence in this Zawiyah at different times and for many years. I pray Allah S.W.T to bless you and place these actions on the scale of good deeds on the day  of  judgement  and  may  He  accept  all  your  deeds  with  the  best  of acceptance and reward you with the best of His rewards for the sake of our Master and spiritual leader Muhammad (S.A.W).


A:       Advise for our Brothers in Tijjaniyyah


Distinguished venerable guests, before I begin my address, it is pertinent to give some pieces of advice to our brothers in Allah before highlighting the points in this opening speech. This advice is very necessary in the wake of what we are currently witnessing among our folk with respect to indolence of some of us especially the youth in being steadfast in performing/fulfilling the obligations of this path - Tariqa al-Tijjaniyyah as we individually promised during initiation into through our Sheikhs and spiritual leaders. This is duty bound on me to remind our brethren of these conditions and promises as it is clearly stated in the books of the Tariqa. I am hinging these pieces of advice on what has been identified by Sheikh Ahmad bin Al-Iyash Sukairij (R.A) is his statement below:


“This Tijjaniyyah path of ours is truly composed of remembrance, and the litanies are duty-bound from the moment of initiation on this Tijjani path until we pass away”. The Sheikh further reminded us of the conditions, and he said most important of the conditions are:

1. Strict observance of five daily prayers at their appointed times

2. Visitation of Awliyyah – living or dead – is disfavoured other than those of the followers of our Spiritual Master Sheikh Tijjani May Allah be pleased with them or the companions of the Prophet (S.A.W).


Whoever accepts this Tijjani path and follows another path in addition should be cautious of the repercussions. Verily this Tariqah of ours is built upon the total submission to the Allah through holding on to His people with firm positive belief in all of them alive or dead while avoiding the visitation of other Awliyah that are not in this path.. And also to visit these Awliyah and having good intentions towards them (the people of Allah).in addition, one has to avoid enmity toward them and avoidance of joining issues with them as much as possible.

Again, the Sheikh continues with emphasis on the performance of five daily prayers at their scheduled timings and in congregation. He said:


“This prayer to us in the Tariqa is the bedrock upon which Islamic principles are based. Indeed the strict observance of prayers in time and congregation is one of the strongest conditions of Tariqa upon the disciples of Tijjaniyyah, and this does not need any further explanation because it is very clearly stated in the shariah.”


The Sheikh also pointed out the features of true disciples in this Tariqa in his saying:

“Furthermore, a Tijjani disciple is the most compliant amongst people to the observation of prayers following all its rules and conducting such at the scheduled times in congregation and with all composure. It is necessary for a Tijjani to obtain exclusive permission for the litanies

from those who have authentic authorities to give such – Muqaddam”. This has been reported as well by our Sheik and Gnostic of Allah, our master and spiritual leader Ahmad Abullawi, on the authority of the Saintly Pole and our master Alhaj Ali Al-Tamasi and from our master Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani (R.A). Oh lovers of the flag of gratitude on the day of witnessing, I would like to elaborate more on the issue from the writing of our master the Gnostic of Allah and our spiritual leader Ahmad Abdullawi (R.A) about what the Tariqa comprises of with regards to litanies and remembrances (azkar). The blessed Sheikh said:

“The  path  of  our  Sheikh  the  Saintly  Pole  (Qutb)  is  an  established system of litanies of value arranged systematically by our master the Prophet (S.A.W) and these are:

Seeking forgiveness from Allah, invoking blessings on the Prophet (S.A.W) and zikir (la ilaha ila llah) one hundred times each, these are what makes up the routine activity (lazimi) of this Muhammadi path. They are recited in the mornings and evenings daily.


The   blessed   duty   (wazifa)   composes   of:   recitation   of   seeking forgiveness (astaghfirullah il azeem allazi la ilaha illahuwal hayyul qayum) thirty (30) times, seeking invocation of blessings on the Prophet (salat ala Nabiy) fifty (50) times, Al-zikir or Hailala one hundred (100) times and Jauharatul Kamal twelve (12) times. These are performed in a single sitting either in the morning or evening, if they can be recited at both times it is an added advantage”.


Sheikh continued to point out – “The Friday evening Zikir also called the hailala observed after the Asar prayers, in congregation and in the absence of which one can observe it alone. These litanies, Sheikh pointed out, a Tijjani disciple can accept with authority from those with the authority to do so (Muqaddam) who must have obtained such authority from another Muqaddam in a chain that can be traced to our master Sheikh Ahmad Tijjani (R.A) who himself received authority of the Tariqa in this arrangement from no other than the Prophet (S.A.W)”. Sheikh Abdullawi gave a lot of advice thus presented here in brief of time constraints considering the program of events for today. May Allah make these counsels useful to us by the grace of the Prophet (S.A.W).


Distinguished  and  noble  guests  of  this  great  gathering,  I  would  like  to conclude this part with similar advise handed to us by our father, our spiritual and religious guide Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (R.A) in a book of compiled letters of Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass to various people. These pieces of advice are sufficient and general for anyone who wishes to correct the affairs of his religion. It is reported in one of the letters sent to one of his Khaliphs from which I quote for the benefit of our brothers present here who will extend to those who are not here today. Among what is in the letters is the saying of the Sheikh (R.A) that:

“I made it necessary for you to assemble people – male and female – and tell them that, I am seeking them to remember Allah in what exists between myself and them in remaining steadfast in observing the instructions of Allah the most High in exemplifying what He commanded and abstaining from what He displeases of. Be steadfast in the  obligatory  enlivening  of  the  House  of  Allah  (mosques)  by  the performance of five daily prayers, observance of wazifa, coming along with inhabitants of the town in observance of the Jumaah prayer (on Fridays). Allah says in Baqara: 238 “Guard  strictly  (five  obligatory  daily)  prayers  especially  the middle prayer, the best prayer Asar and stand before Allah in obedience”.


Allah says:

“O you, who believe, when the call is proclaimed for the Salat prayer on Friday, come to the remembrance of Allah (Khutuba) and prayer and leave off business and every other thing that is better for you if you did but know”.  Ch.62:v.9


Whoever misses three consecutive Jumaah prayers without valid reason(s), Allah will seal his heart with the mark of hypocrisy. In fact many of you lack absolute commitment (being playful with) the obedience  to  Allah  and  His  Messenger  (S.A.W)  and  also  to  your Sheikhs and whoever act in such manner would definitely fall into afflictions in this world and the day of judgement and such a person has non one to blame but himself. In the same manner as men, it is imperative on women to obey their husbands, for whoever sways from the instructions of Allah to obey the husband  she  gone  amiss  from  the  guided  path  and  from  love  and peace.”


Oh distinguished brothers, guests of this special occasion, I do not think there are superior advice other than what Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass has related to us above through Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (R.A). The advice consists of all the needs of the disciples of Tijjaniyyah in this path. I pray unto Allah to make us, and our children and families among those who will benefit and succeed in this world and in the hereafter.


B.       Learning from the Previous Experience


I think it is important to bring this topic from the onset of the recent events and experiences of the last seven difficult years between 2009 and 2016AD. Oh brothers and sisters, guests of the this great occasion, no one would deny what we have seen and what we are still witnessing of the destruction and religious crisis in the North-East of this country and in particular Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states. It was common knowledge to all that Maiduguri was a ‘Home of Peace’ before the advent of the crisis, but as Allah has destined it we woke up to the sounds of bomb blasts and gunfire between security agents and  insurgent  elements.  These  extremists  were  taught  wrongly  by  their extreme teachers, teaching them dubious trends and passing on to them teachings from dubious teachers from within and outside the country. It was from that day in 2009 that acts of terrorism began which was brought up by the group called Jama’atu Ahlul Sunnah Lida’awati wal Jihad, commonly known now as Boko Haram. The extreme scholars of this group continued to direct and supervise the affairs of Boko Haram and support them to execute their plans of distractions in many locations within and outside of the country as they are directed.


Every nook and cranny of the ravaged region was affected by this baseless, ugly and disadvantageous affliction that has resulted in the demise of many uniformed men and innocent civilians.  No one knows exactly how many losses were incurred neither the number of refugees that emanated from this nor the number of orphans. The number of widowers, unemployed people and beggars  have  increased  tremendously,  of  which  many  of  them  are  seen roaming the streets without decent abode of stay. Economic activities of the region was ground to a halt by this affliction where they often loot markets, shops  and  goods  before  destroying  the  buildings  holding  such  goods. Physically the infrastructure were destroyed, places of worship especially mosques as well as markets were burnt down. This is a recount of what we witnessed and no one in true honesty would deny this, however if anyone wishes to deny then we repeat unto him the words of a poet:

“If you have not seen the moon then agree with those people who have seen it with their eyes”


Oh of Allah and His Chosen Messenger (S.A.W) is there any doubt that extremism in the religion is the main cause and reason for this current crisis and indeed what the whole Islamic World is experiencing today? Do we really learn anything from previous experiences? Do we try to distance ourselves and  our  people  from  the  bad  and  extremist  so  called  scholars  who  have nothing to tell the people except to denounce other Muslims and tag them as infidels (Takfiri)? This is how they categorize everyone that disagrees with their ideologies. I call on our brothers to learn from the experience so that we can distance ourselves and others from falling into the trap of such preachers in the future, and to avoid extremism in the religion of Islam.


C.       The Role of Interpreters of the Qur’an and Preachers


The scholars of Quranic exegeses and preachers played very significant roles in corrupting the mind-set and thought of our youth and indoctrinating them with dangerous extremist ideas. The scholars use the youth for their personal interests and are not taught the right teachings and good values of Islam. Rather the youth are directed towards extremism and terrorism, many of them were told to rise and fight for what they called Jihad under which utter destruction and chaos were unleashed in the city. They killed, maimed, burned villages, stole, broke into banks, attacked business men and committed all manner of atrocities all in the name of Jihad – ina lillahi wa ina ilaihi raji’un (from Allah we were and unto Him shall we return).  These dastard actions of the extremists came as result of the wrong teachings and preaching of some scholars informing the youth that they were serving Islam rightly while the general society are in err on which basis they are proclaimed infidels (kafirs) and condemnable by death. It is therefore imperative on all scholars and preachers to urgently move to correct the ideologies and beliefs of the people who were influenced by the wrong teaching of the extremists and to return them to the true teachings of Islam. Scholars should also desist from tagging fellow Muslims as kafirs whimsically during their exegeses. These are the expected roles of scholars in Islam and to become peace vendor as well as nation builders in this county and this state specifically.


D.        Did the Leaders Learn from the Bad Experience?


This is a very vital question to ask at this point and in this case of extremism in Islam, it is pertinent on us to answer it. The answer to the question should have been in the affirmative but unfortunately not, the true answer is no, no, no and a thousand nos. The leaders who are saddled with the responsibilities of the people seemed to have learnt no lesson from the experience because they are still supporting scholars with such extreme ideas of referring to other Muslims as infidels. The leaders that be assists them in establishing religious organizations and institutions, especially in sermons and daawah (evangelism) and they are regarded as reference points for solutions to problems affecting Islam in the nation. Even as their thoughts are crooked on one side and destructive (Boko Haram) on the other and they continuously cause chaos in the religion and wanton destruction from 1980 in Kano, through 1982 in Maiduguri, 1984 in Yola and 1985 in Gombe.


These are historical facts but nevertheless  the  leaders  of  today  still  court them  as  a  single  channel  for Islamic affairs despite these terrorism linkages which I believe is not ideal. Since the possibility of understanding the leader of the extremist group is limited it is better for the political leaders to embrace and support those scholars with refined Islamic traits that can guide the populace to true Islam. On that note, our leaders need to critically examine their steps when giving assistance to scholars, religious groups and organizations especially those who are quick to tag Muslims as infidels when they disagree on issues. This in the long run would ensure peace and security in this country in general and particularly in Borno state.


E.        Current Social and Economic Condition


Distinguished brothers and sisters in Allah, guests of this occasion, no one is aloof to the harsh economic conditions we are experiencing today in this country, but the situation is not only in Nigeria as the whole World is going through     similar economic hardship because we are all interlinked economically. Therefore it is apt to say that it is necessary for us to pray unto Allah to help us and to turn towards Allah with all sincerity and seek for Him to bless our country and reduce the prices of goods and services so that the country  can  ease  out  of  this  recession  or  depression  much  stronger  and prosperous. Also we pray for our leaders for Allah to give them guidance in their efforts to make the economy better, and the security and peace to return to our towns and villages. We also must continuously seek forgiveness from Allah S.W.T and repent unto Him so that Allah will make lives easier as well as that of the nation.


F.         Politicians and Keeping up their Promises to the Voters


Guests of this great occasion, perhaps it is beneficial to reflect back in time and refresh our memories on the promises made by politicians during the campaign period in 2015. We are currently in the in the 19th month into this dispensation after the general elections. This period is good enough to assess them. Expectedly after such a long period people should begin to see or feel the promises earlier made.  The pertinent questions that we need to ask ourselves now are; have the leaders fulfilled their promises to us yet? And specifically and more technically, do we have potable drinking water now running in our towns and villages? Are there good roads and are new bridges being constructed? Are fertilizers readily available to farmers? Has the education system changed for the better? Are admissions now available to our qualified youth? Is admission into Universities easy now for the qualified candidates? Are the unemployed graduates employed now? Are scholarships for the poor and needy available? The questions are endless, while these promises are yet to be fulfilled with currently no glimmer of hope for light at the end of the dark tunnel up to now.


I feel it is unwise for us to rush to into answering these questions but to let everyone answer it in his/her own perspective based on experience of situation at hand. Whatever the case may be, we hope that our leaders would increase their efforts towards fulfilling the promises they willingly made to masses of this country, because these leaders are answerable to the people and to Allah S.W.T with regards to these promises and they shall stand in front of Him to be questioned on them, we pray that Allah helps them on that day.


G.       The Case of Shiites in Zaria and Kano


Among the worst destruction of human lives we witnessed recently in this country  is  the  event  that  transpired  between  the  Shi’i  members  and  the security agents in Zaria and Kano as well as other places. The Kaduna state government following the events constituted a panel to investigation to find out facts regarding what occurred. The panel have completed its assignment and from the feelers in the report a large number of people were killed, injured or adversely affected by that incident. We need to state here in strong terms that  we  are  not  Shiites  and  do  not  practice  Shiism  even  in  thoughts  or ideology, but nevertheless their ideology should not be used to berate them to lesser citizens than any other Nigerian. In as we do not support demonstration of any kind without outright approval by the governing authorities we believe that every nation’s law should be applied justly and equitably to every citizen as every citizen have constitutionally protected rights and privileges. At the same time we believe that this country has a constitution which supposedly guides and directs the affairs of the nation and the conduct of leaders and authorities.


The constitution and laws of the country are very clear on the punishment for each crime and the responsibilities of each person and authority. If this is the case is it appropriate to kill a great number of people of the Shi’i group in Zaria and Kano? Would it not have been much better and honourable to arrest them, no matter their number, and charge them to competent courts to pass on appropriate punishments on them based on evidence and witness? This punishment may be capital if it is considered appropriate by the provision of the law and constitution of the country, but in the least they have been given a fair hearing and law and order is maintained in the country. My position is crystal  clear  on  this  issue  of  massive  termination  of  human  lives  in  our country, the scale of which has hardly been experienced before. As if the loss of  many  lives  was  not  enough,  the  state  did  not  reprimand  people  who destroyed properties, burnt houses and killed more souls of the Shiites, in fact while been watched by security agents who are constitutionally charged with the responsibility of protecting people. There was seemingly no law and order guiding the affairs of the state in this regard.


We surely believe that and perhaps others may agree with us that for our leaders to allow groups of people to attack and destroy the properties and lives of the Shiites is completely wrong and is act of setting bad example for criminals. Thugs can thus utilize this window to perpetrate more mayhem on the basis of difference in opinions and understandings of Islam.


It  is  common  knowledge  that  authorities  have  the  duties  of  provision  of security

1) of lives 2) properties  3) sovereignty of the land with integrity.


These responsibilities are discharged to all citizens regardless of faith, creed or ideology. We do not doubt that the authorities are in the best position to know what is best for this country and what is safe for it, but we would like to advise the authority to exercise more restraint in such cases that are quite sensitive to the peaceful existence of our dear nation.


We support that the authority and its security agents conduct the affairs of the state without the use of extra-force in her efforts to establish peace in the country. Our point here is that while discharging their duties they should be sensitive of the operational tactics required to quell sensitive issues as that of religion in this country. We as religious leaders are always praying that Allah protects this country from any from catastrophe and especially those of religious crisis as we are not yet to be free from the disaster of Boko Haram. I pray  that  Almighty  Allah  returns  peace,  stability  and  tranquillity  to  this country. And for Him to help guide our leaders to the right path, certainly Allah has power of these and answers our prayers.


H.       Vote of Thanks


It is appropriate for me to express my thanks and appreciation to our brothers who are here in this blessed location and in this great occasion, because they accepted and honoured our invitation. This is an indication of their obedience to Allah and following His instruction when He says. “Help one another in good deeds but do not help yourselves in evil and enmity”.


What is good deed is better than enlivening the occasion of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Your coming is an evidence of your love and respect to the Prophet (S.A.W) and our venerable spiritual leaders and guides. I pray Allah S.W.T rewards you this action with good rewards on your scale on the day of judgement. I also hope that this good relations and love will continue to grow stronger as it has been from the time of our Sheikh, and our beloved father, to this day and to the Day of Judgment by the will of Allah.


For our distinguished guests and brothers who came to this Zawiyyah for this occasion from the Republics of Chad, Niger, Cameroon and other countries and places far and near, I pray to Allah with utmost humility to reward them abundantly and also return them to their homes in safety and blessings.


I.                Appreciation and Thanks


My brothers and sisters, distinguished guests, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude’s to the government of Borno under the leadership of his Excellency our brother in Islam, Governor Kashim Shettima who has been very much with us supporting and assisting us financial and materials in every event and occasion and in particular his contribution to the success of this and other occasions. He has remained with us and supported us at all times in different situations. May Allah Almighty reward him abundantly, protect him and may Allah reward all Muslims. I also pray that Allah guide him to the right path and for the good and betterment of the Muslim ummah and Islam. May  Allah  return  peace  and  stability  to  this  nation  and  especially  to  the Northeast and Borno state in particular.


I  will  not  conclude  this  address  without  expressing  my  appreciation  and thanks to the Governor and people of Gombe state for their contributions and support towards the success of this occasion. The Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo not only assisted us in many ways, but also sent in a high profile   delegation   to   represent   him   on   this   occasion,   we   are   highly appreciative and full of thanks for him and the good people of Gombe state. I will also wish to extend my gratitude to all those who have contributed in one way or the other towards the success of this occasion.


Similarly, before I draw a closure to this address of lovers of the Prophet (S.A.W). Also, before I conclude this address, distinguished guests of the prophet,  I  must  express  my  appreciation  and  thanks  to  all  those  who contributed in any way to the success of this great occasion. As well as those who extended to us the best they could and the best of intentions for the successful completion of this occasion.


This speech and time is too short to fully appreciate the numerous people that need be mentioned here, although it is worthy to do so. I wish to thank all organizations, governmental and non-governmental, who contributed immensely to the success of this occasion. Top of which are the security agents including soldiers, police force and gentlemen of the press (especially, the Nigerian Television Authority - NTA, and Borno Radio and Television – BRTV). I will not forget also the efforts of the youth; Fityanul Islam, Jama’atu Nasrul  Islam,  Jama’atu  al-Nahada  and  Yangora/Civilian  J.T.F  and  other groups that cannot be mentioned here for time constraints, all I can say to them  now  is  to  extend  the  saying  of  Imam  al-Busari  said  in  his  book Hamziyah to them:


“Young people spend the night doing good deeds It is also their work in both the morning and evening”


May Allah bless you all, and may your like be many among Muslims, may Allah bless your children and your decedents and those who have passed away.


I wish and hope for the best of everything for you all. Thank you very much and may peace and mercy of Allah be unto you all.


Your brother in Allah always and forever Khalifatu Sheikh Ahmad Abulfathi (R.A) Al-Khalifa Aliyu Ahmad Abulfathi


12/03/1438 AH (12/12/2016 AD)

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